Friday, May 23, 2008

Our first week with Mia...

We are all having fun with the puppy and she seems to be settling into our family.  She is glued to our feet where ever we go.  The first two nights she cried, but now the last two nights she has slept about 7 hours.
Yesterday she tried out the frog sandbox with about an inch of water in the bottom.  Then she helped me plant flowers and played with all the empty plastic cups in which they were grown.  Later she went to get grandma and grandpa Hill to come to our house and sit on the porch.

George is doing the training with really quick results.  He is making sure she knows he is the boss and she seems to get it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mia is here, and totally adorable

Wow, have we been busy.  On Friday we met our puppy, a female chocolate lab we have named Mia.  Because we had to leave for our daughter Sarah's graduation from college in Iowa City, we had help from two wonderful volunteer families, Melanie and Janine.  On Sunday we were able to pick Mia up on our way home, and have been busy with her ever since.  She is very social and follows us around.  She likes her collar and leash and is very willing to go into the crate.....except that once we shut the door and especially in the car she is very unhappy and vocal!  Last night was a long night and I am tired and so is George!

Just now she has stopped crying, so I think I will go up to bed and hope for a better night.  Wednesday is the first class with the puppy.  It will be great to see all the trainers with their dogs.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday we meet our puppy...

We just found out we will be able to meet our puppy on Friday.  Because we are heading down to Iowa City for Sarah's graduation, we have a great Helping Paws volunteer who will watch our puppy for us until Sunday.  Once we know if it is black or brown, and male or female, we can hone down our list of names.

We are busy puppy proofing and have been to the pet store for supplies.  Helping Paws has lots of helpful rules so that we don't give our puppy anything dangerous.  So far we have learned all the things we did wrong with our first dog!