Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mia goes to KMart...

The KMart in our neighborhood closed this week. Since Mia had never been there it was our last chance to try it out. It has the automatic doors that open when you stand on a mat, which made me realize that that method has been replaced by the motion sensors above most doors. The doors were narrow, and I used the commands go ahead, around and back to pass through them. We walked down various aisles, looked at some shoes and heard some loud noises. At first Mia was startled, but we walked to the noise and saw it was just men taking down some shelves. She was just fine after that. I used leave it and practiced M&Ms (positions side, front and heel, which make an M shape if you do them in sequence). Checking out while sitting in the wheelchair was a new experience for me. The cashier was curious about Mia. We are very careful to leave the windows down a little while shopping so the car is not so hot. It is very important not to leave pets in the car when it is warm out. Since I was too busy to take a picture in the store, I took this one getting ready to go home...and the store sign lined up just right for a fun shot!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mia is learning to work with the wheelchair...

Mia is allowed to go to more places now and this includes practice with George or Bonnie using a wheelchair. There are many more logistics involved and we are learning how to maneuver the chair through doorways and around shopping areas. She has been to Ridgedale, Knollwood Mall, Target and also to fast food type restaurants. When we use the chair she attracts more attention, but it seems like fewer people approach us as we are obviously working. When the door switch at Ridgedale did not work and elderly lady worked very hard to open the door for us...not realizing I could stand up myself.

This photo is just before a roll around the neighborhood. We are building up some arm strength working on this. Even so we sometimes have to get up and walk on the uphill sections.
Today Mia got hot and just plopped down in some cool shady grass and refused to go on! I had to realize how hot it must be wearing that nice brown fur coat.

Mia goes to Van VAC 2009...

It seems as though Mia remembered going up north with us from last year. This year she had a completely great time. No crying in the night and lots and lots of swimming and retrieving tennisballs from the Lake Burntside, near Ely. The weather was cold and windy, but that did not slow her down. After all that exercise she was happy to lie by the fire and take it easy.