Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's new with Mia?

For those of you following the story of Mia here is an update.  She graduated from puppy class and now is an awesome adolescent.  Many of you readers know something about adolescence, your own or your children's.  We have found the best thing is to make sure she gets lots of activity, after which she is a good dog.  

Her sister Rosie came to visit and we could see Rosie was the dominant of the two.  Eventually they worked it out and could have some fun together.

We are having fun thinking of new things to teach Mia.  George has combined watch and kiss for a trick that will make you smile. (He never could teach me that one.)  I have her carry the newspaper from the bottom of the driveway.  She gets very excited as soon as we step out the door in the morning and trots up the hill with the paper in her mouth like it was a fantastic prize.  
This week she was allowed to go a few more places. We visited the dry cleaner's, the barbershop and Kraemer's hardware store.  She was very well behaved.