Monday, March 22, 2010

Mia has a moment of fame on television...

As you can see Mia and George visited Channel 9 News earlier this month. It was bright and early and both George and Mia did a great job. She is getting more reliable all the time, but there still was the stress of being on live TV. Would Mia be able to work without distraction?

That seems to be the biggest training issue we face these days. Mia can do all the commands she has learned really quite well, that is until something else more interesting comes along. We work on this everyday. For example today on her walk there was a breeze which I could tell brought many new scents. Then there were the multiple garbage trucks that arrive every Monday. And of course the melting of the snow which left us with lots of old candles, wrappers, bottles and other things that require the "leave it" command. Oh, and how about all the other dogs out in their yards or on a walk on this lovely day. Actually she did pretty well.

Here is a really special action shot from the trip to the TV station. Notice the pink tongue you can see against the announcer's suit. Those labs just love to lick things. But you have to say he put his face pretty more thing to work on when greeting.