Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Blog look for July...


Hello friends and dog lovers!

On goes the training, with emphasis on skills Mia will use the most often, like "bring", "hold", "give" and "stay". She is getting more excited about working without food and more reliable out in the world. We are working with motorized shopping carts and bringing her to more places with people and food. Last week we had a rash of people at Cub who wanted to share the back of their hand, so she could lick and sniff them. "Please don't pet" doesn't work for that, so we have decided to use "please don't touch" and see how that works.

Mia has has two more sessions with possible owners. No match yet, but we remain optimistic that she will be ready in the fall. Helping Paws cannot promise she will be done because it depends on how she works with the people who are hoping to get a dog. It reminds me of pregnancy, the baby will be born, but no one is sure when or how.

Mia is blissfully ignorant of all this and just loves the summer days and the rabbits in our back yard! We should all learn about appreciating the moment from her.