Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mia is just keeps learning and growing...

Mia has had lots of new experiences since you last heard from her. She is becoming more and more attached to us in our daily routine. She reliably comes from other parts of the house and likes to stay with us when we are working in the study or the kitchen. She is getting out on many errands to the grocery store, fabric store, the mall and of course loves to play in the snow.

Since we last wrote in our blog Mia has been at home for two dinner parties. Part of the time she stayed in her kennel and later she came out and visited with the guests. She and George demonstrated her skills and everyone is so amazed at all the things she does.

This week she is training for the Doggie Olympics which has been created by the Helping Paws teachers. Trainers and dogs work in teams in events with names such as "The Pivot and Spin" and the "Hamel Camel Drop". Mia is practicing retrieving hockey pucks and lifting a heavy red weight. In one event Mia does a "roll over" and George does a "spin".