Monday, January 12, 2009's me, Mia, posting this time...

OK folks, finally you get to hear from me, Mia, about how things are going.  This family thinks they are training me.  Boy have I got them fooled.  I am really training them.  For example, every time I shimmy they say "Shimmy" just like I want them to.  Later when I want to eat frozen crabapples from the snow under the tree, I bark just like I have to go outside to take a potty break.  When I want to see them laugh I fling my bowl some more, or chase my tail.  

I played hard to get over the holidays so I would get extra love like you see in these pictures.  My first Christmas was a nice family time.  Santa brought me some new bones.  Even though they were very tough plastic one of them was easily destroyed by my strong healthy teeth.  Did I mention how much I like to get my teeth brushed?  My family seems to like it when I smell good, like mint toothpaste!

Today I ran in the snow.  I can still smell little mice and stuff under the snow and like to poke around in it.  I ran so much that tonight I am very tired, so good night for now.