Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mia goes to the Helping Paws gala...

Mia, George and Bonnie had a busy weekend with the Helping Paws Gala on Saturday night. Mia helped George give a short talk about what it is like for a foster/training family. He talked about love, generosity and legacy. We also heard a wonderful talk from a recipient of one of the service dogs. She reminded us of the many ways her dog helps her, as well as brightens her life. We are happy to report that Mia is fully sponsored, which means $5,000 has been donated toward her preparation for serving. We thank all her sponsors!

We are working on longer stays, in the stand, sit and drop position. Mia will stay longer when she knows some food is waiting. Look at this picture of self control! We continue to chain together commands and also to try things out in new locations. Last week she went to the post office, Kinkos and to Petco. Petco was pretty exciting, so it was good to work on staying calm and the command leave it.

Mia barked Happy Birthday (on command) to Michael over the phone tonight. She misses him, I think.