Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mia had a birthday...

Mia turned two at the end of March. She is settling down and easier to have around the house. Two of her litter mates have graduated, but Mia still has some work to do to be ready. Michael is happy that she will be here when he is home this summer.

Today we went to Purgatory Park for a walk, all beautiful after they did a "burn" so that the natural prairie plants will grow. Helping Paws will have their Wag Walk and Run there on May 23rd. You can read about it at the website. Mia is seriously into sticks, the bigger the better as you can see from this picture.

On Monday we did a demo for a Cub Scout Troop which was a lot of fun. Mia did a good job and so did the boys. They asked a lot of good questions and were very attentive. We counted and Mia has over 60 commands she has learned. Now our job is to make sure she does them well.