Thursday, June 18, 2009

Graduation and wedding season for Mia's family...

Mia had a great time at Michael's graduation party.  She stayed upstairs in her crate, but had several small groups of visitors who were given a small demo.  Last weekend Mia stayed with her sister Rosie and Rosie's family while we were at an out of town wedding.  The sisters went to a jazz festival with Rosie's family and had a good time.  She apparently was well behaved and came home tired from playing in the fenced in yard.  We sent her crate with her.

Here you can see a practice board that Mia uses to work on pushing the button that opens doors.  Today we went to Hopkins and tried the doors at the art center and the library.  Michael is learning how to work with Mia and will be working more with her now that school is out.

We now have a wheelchair at home and are beginning to work on her position by the chair and moving beside or behind the chair.  It is giving us an idea how hard it can be to get around in a wheel chair.