Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial day trip to Wisconsin...

Mia went with George and Bonnie to a graduation party in Shell Lake Wisconsin.  There were nice dogs everywhere we went.  Mia was a little afraid because we were somewhere new, but willing to sleep in her crate.  She also met a lot of nice people.  Mia practiced ignoring people eating and worked on going to a new rug when we knocked on the door of the yurt we stayed in.  It was a cozy place and Mia only barked a little when we went to take a sauna and left her in her crate.

It was a great weekend, but Mia was glad to come home.  How could she know she was ever coming home at all?  If you are interested in staying in the yurt, it is a great place for a retreat for two, or a small family.  We can give you more details if you wish.  There was one giant round room near the Namekagon River, with quiet spaces, a labyrinth, a homemade 9 hole golf course, sauna and massages are available.  Too bad we were there only one night.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is graduation time...

Mia's family is busy getting ready for Michael's graduation from high school.  There was another important graduation last week, with two more amazing teams heading out into their future.  Mia liked the ceremony and seeing old friends and relatives.  George and Bonnie love seeing the end result of the training process and the good that Helping Paws does.

Mia has been busy going to different places.  With the good weather she gets more walks and trips to the park.  There continue to be lots of distracting smells and her favorite, eating sticks, is something we try to limit with varying success.  We are looking forward to the Wag, Run and Walk event on May 30th.  If you want to sponsor George and Mia email us at hill.bonnie@mac.com.  

We are trying to work commands into daily life, like when I empty the drier, or drop something.  Mia knows if we don't have treats handy, and that makes it a bit more challenging.  She is responding to praise more all the time!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday with Laura on the Walk for Animals 2009...

Here is Mia with Laura after going on the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals.  It was a fundraiser and raised lots of money.  There were many well behaved animals.  Mia did not wear her pack so as not to attract attention that might be too stressful for her.  Laura reports she was very well behaved and there were no problems at all.  Mia loves every dog she meets!

Here is Mia practicing a new command, step.  This is the beginning of learning to go up and down steps very slowly and carefully.  She has learned a lot since our last entry in March.  She is working on snuggle, light, brace, back, behind, hold, take it, and of course, shimmy.

She went on a long field trip to Knollwood shopping center and worked on some of these commands, but worked really hard on under.  She often does things at home, but it takes extra work to make these behaviors occur in public.  She is sitting really still when we meet and talk to people and they are always friendly and impressed.  

And finally Mia is just as happy as we are for spring!