Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mia is getting out.....Mia plays ball...

Above you see Mia in her seatbelt.  She really prefers this to riding in the kennel.  Below you see Mia with a crazy thing that happens now and then when both (or one) of her ears gets stuck in a flopped over position.  She'll hate us for this photo when she is grown up!
This last picture shows what happened when I was teaching Mia to push a basketball with her nose.  She did it like crazy, and kept pushing it under the table just when I would take a picture.
She is learning fast, but we are learning that dog's don't generalize their behavior.  What that means is what she does fine for us at home, she doesn't do as well in class.  Fortunately the teachers are patient and seem to believe us when we say she works for us at home.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mia is studying and playing hard...

Here are some pictures of Mia in class with George and Bonnie.  All the dogs are making so much progress.  Mia is learning to shut door and drawers and how to give a kiss, and we keep learning the fine details on how to get just what we want from her.  Her favorite items to  retrieve are silverware and the cellphone.  Next week maybe she will be texting
Yesterday Mia went to the HP golf event.  Way too much excitement to be on her best behavior, but she loved it.  The good people there  were happy to see her.

Here she is in the garden.