Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mia's big travel adventure, plus the WW&R...

Seems like we are pretty busy these days. So busy we forgot to set up dog sitting for Mia so that we could travel for Sarah's graduation in Iowa. Not to mention picking up Michael in Madison the same weekend. Mia has always been a little restless in the car, especially if we are going to her favorite park. A weekend on the road would be her challenge. And she did a great job of adjusting to the long hours on the road and sleeping in Sarah's apartment without her "mom and dad". That's Sarah on the right, after receiving her Masters degree.
Picking up Michael was lots of fun. His dorm room and the hall were pretty messy and chaotic, so we took turns with Mia, making sure she didn't get into anything "dangerous". Michael didn't know we were bringing her, so that was a fantastic surprise for him after a week of finals.
Once we were in Iowa, Mia had a blast going to parties and out to restaurants. Her going out behavior is just about ready for her own graduation!
Then there was the Wag Walk and Run event last weekend. George and Mia were greeters and there were lots and lots of people and dogs participating in a wide variety of events. George was very happy with how patient Mia was during greeting time. Then they walked 5K, which had Mia tired out the whole next day. What a great organization, Helping Paws!

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